About the Book

About the Book

It is said that the epic battle of Vysallimore took place in the Middle Ages, near the Polish city of Kozsalin, during a total eclipse of the sun. Many believe this to be true.  The story of how a family of Knights and a brave Inn Keeper fought the evil Graf Vogor and Satan himself to save a silent Maiden has been passed down from one generation to another.

When a total eclipse is due, pilgrims journey to Koszalin, to visit the Chapel on the Gora Chelmska and touch the Red Tower. Then they walk the few miles to a narrow strip of sand that divides a lake from the sea. This strip of sand is called Vysallimore. There, they sit by the burned out Lightning Tree and wait. When the eclipse is at its fullest, they witness one of the most awe inspiring sights in the world.  The Legend of Vysallimore.



From Ben96 on Amazon.com:

  • I initially picked up the Legend of Vysallimore because my daughter’s favorite bedtime story is the “Mallard and the Dove” by the same author. The Legend is totally different in style visually, but it is also written in rhyme, which my 4 year old finds engaging and soothing – it draws her in. I like the Legend because the story is timeless, fast moving and I appreciate that the message is about helping others. A great book to add to her collection!

From Leonardo on Amazon.com:

  • This is the kind of story that not only reminds how important family values are, but also inspires you to connect at a deeper level with your significant others. Once I read it, I passed it on to my closest friends and relatives. I LOVED IT!!

From AFalco on Amazon.com:

  • A story filled with adventure and many emotions that will have the kids reading it over and over. It’s easy read and great illustrations make you get lost in the story and captures your heart. A great way for kids to bond about the importance of family.

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