Diamond Anniversary! Just done my 75th Brandhunger Day.

I feel it’s very important, and business critical, that companies put social responsibility at the heart of their mass communications.
It’s what I teach in my Brandhunger Days. Really good to see the strong financial results that are achieved after these sessions.



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Message to parents. Please send this Dove Real Beauty short film to your daughters this Thanksgiving week.

I’ve been with a team that has made many great and famous Dove Real Beauty films. This one is my favorite. Dove Amy. You can find it on Youtube too. It always brings tears.
Over 50% of teen girls who stay at home to be on their computer are in fact hiding. Hiding because their body image and self confidence is low.
Please, this week, tell them are beautiful. Please send them Dove Amy.

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Children with cholera in Haiti. Where is their Thanksgiving?

This is heartbreaking. Please try to help them in some way this week. Please.

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Hemingway. What’s in a name?

I often get asked if I’m related to Ernest Hemingway as we have the same last name. The answer is no. Unfortunately. But what’s in a name anyway? In The Legend of Vysallimore, the Knight’s two children are called CorEvan and Sulleva. CorEvan is named after my 5 year old son who used to called himself CorEvan because he heard his own words saying: “I’m called Evan.” Hence he thought he was Cor-Evan. Sullivan is my 7 year old son. Sulleva is the Knight’s daughter. Will this gender swtch be a problem one day? I do hope not. After all, what’s in a name anyway?

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The Red Tower from The Legend of Vysallimore, and The Red Tower in real life!

The first verse of the chapter called ” The Maiden” is the first time the reader learns of The Red Tower. The Red Tower for real stands above the Polish city of Koszalin.

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The Lightning Tree from The Legend of Vysallimore.

This Lightning Tree is “The Legend” in The Legend of Vysallimore.
Lightning trees are burned and blackened by a lightning strike. They are dead.  When one particular Lightning Tree flowers every time there is a full eclipse of the Sun, this creates a Legend. This spectacle can been seen on a narrow strip of sand that divides Lake Jamno from the icy Baltic Sea on the Northern Shores of Poland. That strip of sand is called: Vysallimore.

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The Eclipse. From The Legend of Vysallimore.


For when the moon has crossed the sky

To hide the sun’s full awe,

And when the day becomes the night,

It opens up the Doors.

The Doors some call the Gates of Hell,

They’re locked throughout the day.

But Satan takes his chances well,

And now he’s on his way.”

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