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Children with cholera in Haiti. Where is their Thanksgiving?

This is heartbreaking. Please try to help them in some way this week. Please.

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An illustration from The Legend of Vysallimore.

From the chapter called: The Shadow Lake.

Suddenly there came a breeze.
Small waves broke on the sand.
And rising from this inland sea
They both could see a hand.

And on that hand there was a ring,
And on that ring three stones.
The symbol of a family.
One love. Three hearts. One home.

And when the sunlight touched this hand,
The ring the Voice had given
Sent out a light that was so bright
It seemed to shine on Heaven.

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Another illustration from the Legend of Vysallimore.

From the chapter called: The Great Axe.

The axe’s blade was solid steel.
Its handle ancient oak.
And it was known to fell a tree
With just one single stroke.

It stood as tall as a shepherd’s wall,
And weighed more than a ram.
If a man could make that axe seem small,
BarSimon was that man.

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Does this new Barbie TV ad work for you?

There’s a new, long length TV commercial on air now from Barbie. It’s a film whose objective seems to be to inspire hope and ambition within younger girls.
Does it work for you?
My view is this. It works. Why? Because Mattel, the makers of Barbie, are trying to contribute to the emotional growth of younger girls. And whatever one thinks about Barbie, the doll, this message is important and well meaning.
Doing something positive is always better than doing nothing at all.
Time for something from Bratz???

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