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Perhaps you’re already in the Tower you seek.


                                       A scene from The Legend of Vysallimore.

Perhaps you’re gazing at a place, a Tower, where you feel that life would be better. But perhaps you’re already in the Tower that offers you the most. Don’t always look over the fence at potentially greener grass.  The grass beneath your feet may be the lushest, greenest and most rewarding. And it’s there for you now. This Christmas, please count your Bessings.

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Promises. Promises.

The illustration is from the chapter in The Legend of Vysallimore called: The Promise.

It represents a son’s promise to his father.

A promise is spoken trust, respect and personal character. Breaking a promise is an act of self destruction. As we move towards a New Year and New Year’s Resolutions, what promises will you be making and promising to keep?

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“Along the sand, with swords in hand, they marched towards daylight.”

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The Red Tower from The Legend of Vysallimore, and The Red Tower in real life!

The first verse of the chapter called ” The Maiden” is the first time the reader learns of The Red Tower. The Red Tower for real stands above the Polish city of Koszalin.

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The Lightning Tree from The Legend of Vysallimore.

This Lightning Tree is “The Legend” in The Legend of Vysallimore.
Lightning trees are burned and blackened by a lightning strike. They are dead.  When one particular Lightning Tree flowers every time there is a full eclipse of the Sun, this creates a Legend. This spectacle can been seen on a narrow strip of sand that divides Lake Jamno from the icy Baltic Sea on the Northern Shores of Poland. That strip of sand is called: Vysallimore.

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