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My son called his father: “Abusive.”

In the movie called: “Feast of Love”,  Oscar calls his on-screen father “abusive” and “a drunk.” Oscar was played Toby Hemingway, my son. It was very strange sitting in the theater hearing one’s son say how much his hated his  father, albeit on-screen! And while I’m pretty sure neither criticism could be aimed at me, his real life father, it was still definitely an eerie moment. It made me wonder if us fathers ever sit down with our chidren and ask to hear criticism. Ask to hear what we could improve to be better fathers. I’m sure this would lead to even closer relationships. I’m going to do this today.     

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The Red Tower from The Legend of Vysallimore, and The Red Tower in real life!

The first verse of the chapter called ” The Maiden” is the first time the reader learns of The Red Tower. The Red Tower for real stands above the Polish city of Koszalin.

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What epitaph would you write on your own gravestone?

I recently heard two Dads start sentences with the words: “IF ONLY…”
(As M. Lackey said: “These are the saddest two words in the world.”)
One father even went as far as saying he’d put “IF ONLY” on his grave as an epitaph, and a sad reminder of all the quality time he’d missed.
Heart-breaking. But to end on a more cheerful note.
I saw a headstone in Ireland that had these words on it:
“I have loved and I’ve been loved.”
What else is there?

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