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Children’s Book Tackles Tough Issues

“Take it like a man.”  “Suck it up!”  “Emotions are for girls.” These phrases and similar are often what a  boy hears as he grows to be a man. Phrases that essentially mean that life is going to be tough, so he’d better get used to it. This is a form of emotional inoculation.

A numbing of the senses and  sensitivity.

I believe this to be very wrong. Great fathers, and great mothers, raise great kids.

And the core reason they are great? They get involved. They are ‘there’. They listen to their children and talk to them about their hopes, dreams and worries.

In my new book, THE LEGEND OF VYSALLIMORE, I’ve written a fast-moving story about Knights, Monsters in  ancient times. It’s great fun! It particularly designed to be read by fathers to their children. There is also a message in it FOR the father.

I’ve witnessed the sudden silence when a father gets to the chapter called The Tower. The Tower chapter touches on the “sore nerve” that most men feel from the age of 25 onwards.

That “sore nerve” can be summed up in one word. “Trapped.” Research shows that most 25+ men feel they are trapped.  Trapped by work, by responsibility, family. They yearn to be free, a permanent 18 year old, late teen Peter Pan.

What they need to realize is that love can set them free. And it was only the harsh definitions of what it takes to be a man, that they heard when they were young, that put them in this imagined prison. My book, I hope, will give them the keys to leave this jail forever.

Interestingly, this research also showed that there was a six word phrase that summed up the “sore nerve” that women, 25 and older, feel.  Does anyone know what these six words are?

Answer coming soon!

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