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What epitaph would you write on your own gravestone?

I recently heard two Dads start sentences with the words: “IF ONLY…”
(As M. Lackey said: “These are the saddest two words in the world.”)
One father even went as far as saying he’d put “IF ONLY” on his grave as an epitaph, and a sad reminder of all the quality time he’d missed.
Heart-breaking. But to end on a more cheerful note.
I saw a headstone in Ireland that had these words on it:
“I have loved and I’ve been loved.”
What else is there?

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The New Definition of a Brand.

Giving a speech at Brooklyn University soon. The subject is the new definition of a brand. And it’s this. A Brand is an Opinion. An opinion about its category that its key consumer or targetĀ finds personal and important. Check out this Brita ad. A perfect example. Their consumer is more concerned about the billions of un-recycled plastic bottles

It’s about time the obesity debate was tackled equally clearly on some famous fast food and soda websites.

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