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Does this new Barbie TV ad work for you?

There’s a new, long length TV commercial on air now from Barbie. It’s a film whose objective seems to be to inspire hope and ambition within younger girls.
Does it work for you?
My view is this. It works. Why? Because Mattel, the makers of Barbie, are trying to contribute to the emotional growth of younger girls. And whatever one thinks about Barbie, the doll, this message is important and well meaning.
Doing something positive is always better than doing nothing at all.
Time for something from Bratz???

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New Microsoft TV Ad makes an important point.

The new TV ad for Microsoft’s new phone shows various people ignoring a mix of other people, including family and friends, because they are totally focussing on their Blackberrys etc. You’ll notice that there are three scenes with kids in. One of which shows a kid throwing a ball at his Dad. Take a look.

A well observed ad. A behaviour kids observe everyday too. What is it about these new communication devices that makes Moms and Dads deem them more important than their children and other forms of life? What are they teaching their kids?   Note to Microsoft. I hope your new phone lives up to the promise of your ad.

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The New Definition of a Brand.

Giving a speech at Brooklyn University soon. The subject is the new definition of a brand. And it’s this. A Brand is an Opinion. An opinion about its category that its key consumer or target finds personal and important. Check out this Brita ad. A perfect example. Their consumer is more concerned about the billions of un-recycled plastic bottles

It’s about time the obesity debate was tackled equally clearly on some famous fast food and soda websites.

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