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Perhaps you’re already in the Tower you seek.


                                       A scene from The Legend of Vysallimore.

Perhaps you’re gazing at a place, a Tower, where you feel that life would be better. But perhaps you’re already in the Tower that offers you the most. Don’t always look over the fence at potentially greener grass.  The grass beneath your feet may be the lushest, greenest and most rewarding. And it’s there for you now. This Christmas, please count your Bessings.

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Hemingway. What’s in a name?

I often get asked if I’m related to Ernest Hemingway as we have the same last name. The answer is no. Unfortunately. But what’s in a name anyway? In The Legend of Vysallimore, the Knight’s two children are called CorEvan and Sulleva. CorEvan is named after my 5 year old son who used to called himself CorEvan because he heard his own words saying: “I’m called Evan.” Hence he thought he was Cor-Evan. Sullivan is my 7 year old son. Sulleva is the Knight’s daughter. Will this gender swtch be a problem one day? I do hope not. After all, what’s in a name anyway?

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“Only 2% of women consider themselves beautiful.”

“If you’re not tall, blond, ultra thin and with childlike European looks, you’re not beautiful.”

That is the message many women get from beauty magazines. That’s why many women feel WORSE about themselves after they read these magazines. Stereo-typical images of  unattainable beauty. Many women develop low self esteem and eating disorders because of this imagery. This affects teen girls too. This creates a life long inner voice their heads, an inner critic, that forever whispers: “You’re not beautiful enough. Try harder. Buy more stuff.”

I led the Dove Real Beauty Campaign from it’s launch in 2004 and over the following five years. We showed attainable beauty. Healthy, luscious women, looking happy and gorgeous. A sisterhood in white underwear! Dove did a lot of research and found out some heartbreaking facts.The jaw-dropping one we used first was: “Only 2% of women consider themselves beautiful.” 

Dove’s Real Beauty campaign was featured in hundreds of talk and news programs around the world. Dove has been praised by Oprah and has had been the lead section of several of her shows. Beauty images in magazines and in TV are are now much more diverse. Dove’s viral films have also been extremely successful. Here’s a link to the most famous one- Dove Evolution

And here’s a link to the one I find most emotional. It was developed for a mother to send to her teen daughter- Dove Amy.

Dove’s mission is to broaden the definition of beauty. And it has.

I suppose I’m an activist! Maybe I’m too sensitive to sadness. I feel I have to do something. I’m really proud of all Dove’s work. Women need to know that each one of them as the right to look and feel beautiful. The people at Dove are inspirational. They said yes to the Real Beauty campaign…do it! Now, from women to men!

With my new book, The Legend Of Vysallimore, I’m trying to help fathers enjoy fatherhood and overcome some emotional barriers that can distance them from their children. The perfect Christmas present for Dad.

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